Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CB1100, O2 sensor mounting hole welding

Tattsuan has bought a titanium muffler of Moriwaki for CB1100 Yahoo auction.
He came to install it.

The muffler is in one place is mounting of the O2 sensor, CB genuine's it is two places.
So he wants to additional one mounting hole of the O2 sensor.

↓ genuine muffler. Very heavy because of steel. This is a double tube. This will of such order to ensure the sound deadening performance and heat retention of the exhaust gas.

↓ titanium muffler, very light because titanium

Center stand, it is necessary to remove, in order to install the titanium muffler.

This is Pure Titanium Grade 2 bar who bought in MonotaRO.
It will make a mounting nipple of the O2 sensor from this bar.
I titanium that we can easily obtain the most part "pure titanium grade 2" or "6 aluminum 4 vanadium alloy", known as "64 alloy". It is the two types.

· Pure titanium grade 2 ...
Applications where moderate heat resistance and corrosion resistance is required
· 64 alloy ...
Lightness and toughness and moderate the heat-resistant applications requiring

In fact, titanium has been limited very purpose of use,
Corrosion, heat resistance, lightness, strength, in consideration of these balance, it's limited range. Otherwise it will lose in cost.

By the way, it has Inconel is suitable for muffler if really ignoring the cost.
Since the high-temperature strength and I can be made thin.

Machinability of titanium is similar to stainless steel.
It is a little difficult to cut, but shaved normally.
However, it is I have because it is chemically active in the tendency of the blade is worn by the chemical. Titanium eat the blade.

Pitch 1.25 tap M12

Nipple welded as this.

Titanium is chemically active.
So when welding it must be shielded with respectfully argon gas.
Usually, do the back shield and after shield, but this time only using the nozzle with gas lens.

Installation is complete.
This muffler become a classic appearance of CB1100. Moreover, light.

Says Tattsuan, "the body by this muffler has become lightly. So handling is getting better."

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