Monday, August 17, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72 _ The highest ever recorded in the amount of mud came out.

The rear sprocket is worn. So, replace the chain and sprocket.
I took off the side of the cover whole. In order to be only of changing the chain and sprocket.
Kick pedal also come with.
Why rugged? In this way?

The moment I opened the cover, steel ball fell.
I was successful in its recovery. It was good to not lose.

This steel ball is the tip of the clutch of the rod.

And. I saw the inside of the cover.

Amount of mud often!
This is the highest ever.

The side of the cover was also muddy.
The kick spring is mainspring, seems Old Harley.
I wash the cover, all immersed in kerosene.

I in order to remove the chain, had been cut in the grinder.
The middle of the work, I found a clip.
Chain of today size 530 is caulked in most cases. This is a clip-on.

Where it began scraping the mud. ↓ This is often!
This bike as "history most mud came out bikes", left a name in the history of our company.

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