Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Failure! Belt sander

Other day at our company we have replacement purchases a belt sander.
It became the second generation.
Belt sander might be called Belton. It is a trademark of Nitto Kohki.
I was bought upstream "Nitto Kohki Belton," but it seems failed soon after purchase.

The sound of it is large and it will generate heat.
This is a symptom that bearing is broken.
I was think unless you repair the early and failure becomes badly.
I decided to be the decomposed repair.

Bearing had one for both sides. There were two.
As expected, it had broken one of the bearing.
It was rusty in the ingress of water.
Trouble was something in the factory at the time of shipment.
It had been long-term stock.
I think the cause or which of them.

The around the bearing was equipped with a grease that came to the caramel.

Air motor is a vane type.

I went to buy the bearing to "Benizen" in Kasai city. There is there is a stock, I got it immediately.
It was in miniature bearings, so whether or not there is a stock I was worried.
I every time, you surprised to Beni good. The Why "Benizen" I wonder so much is in stock?
I have built the bearing.
Repair completion.
I applied the grease teamed it. Now the rotation of it is slowly.
Grease disappears after a while use, I think that it becomes smooth.

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