Monday, August 17, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72 _ Brake shoe re-covering

Brake shoe new goods is not available, so I ordered the re-covering.
And it came back.
It is entirely coated. It is like a caramel.
And the caramel has entered thick in the hole.
I thought it with varnish. But it is not clean with acetone or brake cleaner.

Smell is the flavor of yellow underpants.
Or  toilet smell that direct pee in the concrete wall type .
(This type has been reduced recently. My elementary school toilet  was this. It was in the playground.)

This does not work while this. So, variously modified.

Hole passing through a reamer.

Partial to friction polish with oil stone.

Brake panel is dirty.
Washed with a brake cleaner in large quantities.

It was coated with a suitable amount of grease in these various places.
Assembly completion.
This is a Brand New brake.

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