Monday, August 24, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72 _ It is not possible to assemble the brake shoes.

I was assembling the tire. Brake shoe , wheel bearings ware also.
I was assembling the brake panel and wheel.
However, you can not assembling !

This shoe is a little thicker.
Rear was able to insert, but the front does not enter.

There is no way.
I made a simple jig for fixing, was cut by a lathe.

Fixed body only.
Shoe is free. It is only closed by the return spring.

It is dangerous when the shoe is open like a centrifugal clutch by centrifugal force. I was shaving at low rotation.

It is now possible to insert the brake drum where I cut 4mm from chipping position.
But still it is not scraped the entire circumference.
Shoe does not hit only partially when the wear early.
I think roundness by shaved has been corrected.

At the same I've noticed.
CL72 shoe is one side is a hole, but the recent shoe one side is semi-circular.
↓ This is SR400

CL72 is not entirely contact until the initial wear is finished because it is fixed without flexibility by hole and the pin.
SR of the shoe's floating. Some extent of misalignment is absorbed.
I think that it has become on the whole surface contact at an early stage.
Therefore, the stability of the braking force is superior recent shoe.
If one is a pin hole, in the case of motor vehicles, it is likely to steering away around without permission.

I got a speedometer cable and a brake wires . It was reproduct.
I was finally able to assemble these.

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