Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72 _ I just want to replace the front sprocket.

This image is the front sprocket was removed. This is bad extent than Rear.It's missing to teeth are sharp.

Scars of the chain is attached to the crank case.

This is the engine side.
Oil seal deteriorates oil is blurred. It seems to be the automatic oiling device.

Genuine parts of this neighborhood can not be obtained.
But, repair kit has been obtained. By looking for the Yahoo! Auctions.
Oil seal is in the set a lot.

This is the way to take the oil seal without disassembling the engine. ↓
I prying with a flathead screwdriver No. 0 made of PB.

In this way also twisted many times if you remove .

This image is the back side of the oil seal. ... The bearing is dirty
Engine of this era is the oil is dirty easily. Piston ring is thick, so ring is fluttering?

At the same, many oil consumption, exhaust gas is smoky. Because without the valve stem seal, the oil ring is large.
New car was also smoky. It's smoky even if the overhaul.

Old car it is often said we should put the high viscosity oil from clearance in the engine is wide. However, this is not even layers when I measured by decomposing the engine.
Maybe the old days of the oil pump is a gear pump. So Will is high viscosity oil for the oil pump was necessary.
Incidentally, now there are many trochoid pump adopted car. Airtight good.

Oil seal exchange completion.
I can be attached to finally sprocket.
I got the dead stock of genuine parts. Expensive.
Old-fashioned packaging.

Installation completion.
I should be cleaning the soil, before installing the chain. Sand would come with.

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