Monday, August 10, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72 _ Tires and brakes and wheel bearings

I completed the tire order.
Next work's rear of decomposition.

I have heard in my grandfather.
World War II shortly after time, maintenance shop that has a spanner or monkey was not there much. They were turning the nut using a chisel.
It's the end if you tighten Open six times.
Apparently like the words of my grandfather was true.
The nut of the hub damper there are dents chisel.
My grandfather factory bought a monkey wrench made of BAHCO.
Monkey wrench was expensive at the time.
It's like buying equipment at present.

Movement of the hub damper bearing bad. Replacement is required.
Sprocket is also quite reduced.

Wheel bearing steel plate seal. It is not a rubber seal.
I think this bearing grease is deteriorated.

Front wheel bearing is rubber seal.

Common front and rear brake shoe.
And it is fixed in pine needles pin.

Brake shoe is new is unobtainable.
So I decided to order a re-covering.

Dust seal of wheel genuine parts were all discontinued.
But I examined the industrial goods.
As a result, only the speedometer seal and rear of seal, found general-purpose products.

I saw the first time such a thing. O-ring of half-moon cross-section.

It can buy parts was to be replaced. Because since this parts are old.

Order part number are as follows
--- Front ---
6302 rubber seal C3 2 pieces
It ordered the NTN made 6302LLUC3

Oil seal
34x48x6.5 1 piece
It ordered the Musashi oil seal made UE34487

53x65x7 1 piece
Not available, re-use

--- Rear ---
6303ZZC3 2 pieces
It ordered the NTN made 6303LLUC3

6205ZZC3 1 piece
It ordered the NTN made 6205LLUC3

Oil seal
32x52x8 1 piece
It ordered the NOK made AE1902E0193

58x70x7 1 piece
Not available, re-use

Half-moon cross-section O-ring
Groove dimensions 54.9x58.8x4.5 1 piece
It ordered the NOK made S55 grade A305

Hub damper Bush
14x27x18 4 pieces
Not available, re-use

The teeth of the sprocket 40 pieces

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