Friday, August 7, 2015

I just maintain the CL72

I was told this way to my customer. "I want you to repair the bike."
I have custody of the CL72.
This bike's antique because made the 1960s.
This chain is attached to the opposite side, the other on a variety also is such a point.
However, gorgeous and 250cc2 cylinder as that time.

The bike of the same engine is CB72.

 Front and rear drum brakes

 Tank cap's no key specification.

 Muffler's a straight pipe. It's a direct exhaust. But it is genuine.
 Anyway, I decided to arrange the parts necessary in order to run.
And these are the I got the genuine parts.
Pedal rubber kick
Packing of the fuel cock
Cam felt of the drum brake
Only those.
Others will be looking for the re-production products and dead stock, normal procurement budget is found to be in need of about two times.
 Tire can not be found.
Front 19 inches 2.75
Rear 19 inches 3.25
It is and if the on-road tire, but can not find the off-road tires with the block pattern.

And I not familiar with the tire.
I've done just engine until now. I think it would have a lot of someone else familiar about the tire. So I did not study properly.

I went about looking for a web. Then I found a classic tire shop.
"Did you bought where it? tire" buy in such a place? It chopper riders are wearing.
 I did not buy in the store, it became the study.

The results I've scoured terrible, I bought these.
Front Shinko SR241 2.75-19 43P
Dunlop tire's for the front. The unavoidable because not found in the other.

I want to finish early this job. It seems unreasonable.

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